The Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre’s (MMRC) vision is to ensure an inclusive and harmonious community that accepts and values migrants and their contributions, and in which migrants are active participants in Australian community life.

A valuable program in reaching the MMRC’s vision is providing to service providers, which have a service agreement with the Department of Community Services, free cultural competency training. Community service providers which do not have a service agreement with the Department, but have a similar profile to those that do and work with MMRC’s target group (humanitarian entrants and other recently arrived migrants), may also be eligible and can check by contacting Deb Pyatt (see below). Currently, MMRC is offering three workshops which teach the basic principles of cultural competence through participative learning in improving awareness, attitude, knowledge and skills for people who service CaLD communities.

Deb Pyatt (the MMRC facilitator) has over twenty five years’ experience working with CaLD clients and will facilitate open discussions and an opportunity to share skills, knowledge and issues that you may encounter in your professional field.

Currently the workshops are designed according to duration.

The 2 hour workshop is titled “Let’s Start the Conversation about Cultural Competency”. This is designed for organisations that would like an introduction to the principles of cultural competency and introduce the concepts to all staff.

The 4 hour workshop provides cultural competence principals, is participative with interactive exercises and may involve cultural advisors and case studies.

The 6.5 hour workshop will provide theory, practical discussions, cultural advisors and participative learning and interactive exercises. Its basic objective will be determined through consultation with the CaLD service provider to ensure the needs of the organisation are met and the staff may develop the skills, attitude and knowledge to work effectively with their clients.

Even though we have the three workshops developed we can arrange further variations.

What Does MMRC Do?

What is Cultural Competency?

Importance of Cultural Competency - a Case Study

Importance of Cultural Competency - a Case Study


"I can highly recommend this training as it is valuable for anyone wanting to learn about working with different cultures. Thoroughly enjoyed the training as did our teams."

Joseph Fleming | IFS - Specialist Team Leader | UnitingCare West

"The cultural awareness training is a must-have for service providers, the facilitator addressed complex issues in a simple way that was easy to understand. The knowledge gained in the first half of the session was really brought to life by the cultural advisors and their personal stories. Volunteers and staff members at Citizens Advice Bureau have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and look forward to practicing their skills."

Elena Mauen | Manager - Citizens Advice Bureau

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