MEP aims to assist clients to access employment and employment programs aimed at preparing clients for the Australian labour market. Clients must be SSA eligible, meaning they have a humanitarian background, have permanent residence status, and have been in Australia less than 5 years. The program uses a range of strategies to support clients including:

  • Mentoring - linking clients to someone who understands the Australian labour market and workplace and can provide direct advice and support.

  • Identifying potential employers and linking clients to them.

  • Assisting clients to access employment related training.

  • Support with job readiness by helping clients, either individually or through workshops, to prepare resumes; write cover letters; understand selection criteria and how to respond; learn about Australian workplace culture; job search techniques; and enhancing interview performance.

  • Providing free basic computer skills training – including how to look for jobs on line.

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Kayleigh Ellis (Coordinator)

T: 08 9345 5755