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Free Immigration Advice

The Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS) offer free Immigration advice to an eligible client in person, or by phone, if:

  • You are seeking a Protection or other onshore visas

  • You are seeking to sponsor a spouse or family related visa applicant

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for IAAAS free Immigration Advice, you must be in Australia and must meet eligibility criteria as a “disadvantaged person”. A “disadvantaged person” is in financial hardship and is disadvantaged due to:

  • being from a non-English speaking background, youth or other cultural issues such as gender barriers.

  • illiteracy in the main language of their country of origin

  • living in a remote location (outside any Australian capital city, except areas with known registered migration agents)

  • physical or psychological disability, including from past torture or trauma, or

  • physical or psychological harm resulting from family violence.

More information about the IAAAS can be found on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Migration Fee for Service

MMRC also offers a range of high quality immigration services under a low fee structure and provides the following at an affordable cost:

  • Assess your immigration matters thoroughly and provide confidential immigration advice that will best meet your specific immigration requirements

  • Ensure that you use the correct application forms and supply all the correct documents in support of your application

  • Submit your application on time and liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection if there are any outstanding issues concerning your application

  • Keep you informed regularly of the progress of your application and its outcome.

Fees apply for clients who are:

  • Seeking immigration advice but do not meet IAAAS eligibility criteria

  • Seek immigration assistance to prepare and lodge Offshore Humanitarian Visa Application or Family Visa applications

MMRC specialises in Offshore Humanitarian Visa and Family Visas, in which Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) clients would act as a sponsor or proposer.

Clients are eligible for IAAAS Free Immigration Advice (one session only), but not eligible to IAAAS visa application assistance.

Thus, MMRC’s “fee-for service” can fill this gap to assist HSS clients to prepare and lodge high quality visa applications for overseas family members, at a heavily discounted fee.

MMRC’s registered Migration Agent Ms Annie Neleman has been providing these services for nearly 10 years and has extensive experience in Offshore Humanitarian Visa and Family visa’s.

Ms Neleman has also specialised in working visa and employer sponsored visas.

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